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Friday, May 4, 2012

Directions to Sweetwater Park - Group Shelter

20W to exit 44 Thornton Rd., turn South ¼ mile. Turn Right on Blains Bridge Rd. Go 2 miles then turn left on Mt. Vernon Rd. Pass park entrance. For the Group Shelter, turn left on Factory Shoals Rd. proceed less than ¼ mile South of Cedar Terrace Rd. Follow Signs.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Using Afrikan Spiritual Warfare for Building Afrikan Centered Educational Institutions.

Mama Nobantu Ankoanda

How do we train parents to use Afrikan Spiritual Warfare to empower themselves and break away from America’s educational system that is systematically dummying down our children? How do we get parents to support Afrikan Centered Schools? What is it going to take? How many more schools will have to be closed, before we open up our eyes and say, “enough is enough!” Afrikans, we must wake up. We have slept too long and retreated far longer than necessary. Parents and grandparents must cease enrolling their children in public schools that are designed to expand criminal institutions which benefit the oppressor’s children.
It is time to realistically plant the seed of liberation. Build our own, for our own and within our own. Brothers and sisters, we have almost run out of time. In this moment, ask yourself, “How must I use Afrikan Spiritual Warfare to liberate my mind, so that I can liberate my people?” If we don’t have a Sovereign Nation by 2050, what will be our destiny? Extinction by Assimilation, Genocide or Mental/Physical Enslavement.

Spiritual Sovereignty:
The Realization And Practice Of The Afrikan Worldview
Baba Obadele Williams

Spiritual Sovereignty is the act of holding supreme, independent authority over our Afrikan Worldview. Our spiritual sovereignty impacts and guides how we live and protect Afrikan culture, socialization, parenting, and the defense of our vision as a nation. Spiritual Sovereignty refers to the internal affairs of the nation and the supreme power within it to govern itself. In adhering to what is just and correct, as citizens of the Afrikan nation, we must be the first to obey, live and correct our behavior in accordance with nation management. A nation that has internal sovereignty is one with a government that has been elected by the people and has popular legitimacy. It is important to have strong internal sovereignty in relation to keeping order and peace. As a people, elders, parents, youth and ultimately families, must be the first to submit to council restrictions when a transgression is committed against the laws of the nation. Realizing an Afrikan Worldview gives us the authority to protect and defend our Ancestral legacy.

A sovereignty of spirit is an mbongi that possesses ultimate, final and independent authority; one whose decisions are binding upon all citizens, groups and institutions in our cultural community. Our living vision must be toward the realization of ourselves as a nation. Our rituals, Ancestral dialogue, and teaching have to be guided by what is best for nationhood.

Every people in the restoration of nationhood institutionalizes the roles of spiritual leaders, elders, parents and youth in age-grades. Each age-grade has a social responsibility and helps to perform the tasks of the internal intergenerational transmission of nation ways. Ultimately we all must ask ourselves, “Are we a nation? Do I belong to a nation? Why do I belong? How can I protect and defend the nation-state?”

Our message should be that everything in our lives must reflect the basis, foundation, and vision of Afrikan sovereignty. A nation without acts of sovereignty is a nation of slaves. They will be victims of any conqueror seeking their enslaved existence. A spiritually sovereign nation is made up of an independent, culturally centered, and accountable people. They are unified through their vision. Their Nationhood is sanctioned by their Afrikan Worldview.

Nana Clarke

We have a Revolutionary dynamic, but without spirituality, we are wasting our time.” (p.389, Afrikan World Revolution)

A Vision of Victory

Our victory must be rooted in a global perspective and the pursuit of Afrikan power.  Victory will require our various geopolitical structures to join forces in order to dictate our own interests and exert our influence on global events. In the study of victorious people, the first victory won is the victory over oneself...self-discipline and unwavering self-reflection.  Thus personal development along with a collectively synchronized ideology, identity, and process of execution, demands that we move beyond the mental and physical confines and false realities that are nurtured within the global "chicken coups" in which we reside. Our victory will allow for the establishment of a military and economic power out of which a loyal leadership and a significant body of Afrikans will develop and sustain our physical security, cultural autonomy, social cohesion, and economic power. Our victory will allow us to exercise influence over our enemies and any competing or aligned entities, while at the same time providing us the space to create and negotiate solutions to our internal and external challenges as sovereign people. This victory will cast a protective cloak over the 'Black world' enabling Afrikans to experience greater security while living in non-Afrikan lands. Our victory will be ensured when we collectively develop a unifying culture, one that is steeped in Sankofa, yet simultaneously reflective of our unique and diasporic trajectories. If it is for us to attain this victory in the world that we have been given, then our effort must exist without the threat of fragmentation from either internal or external forces. In our Vision of Victory, we are a whole people, functioning fundamentally as a unified body to achieve and maintain the collective goals of our world nation.

N. Kofi Ampon
N. Thema Sunkwa Ampon