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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Akwaaba,  Ekabo, Karibuni !!!
Come Join Us!!!
11th Annual Abakosem SunSum

Never Again!!!

Directions to Sweetwater State Park

Do not rely on GPS units for directions to this park.!!!

From I-20W exit #44 at Thornton Road, turn south and go 1/4 miles. Turn
right on Blairs Bridge Road. After 2 miles, turn left on Mount Vernon Road.
Once you pass the park entrance, Shelters # 8, 9, and 10 will be the first
loop on the right, before Cedar Terrace Rd.  Across from Cedar Terrace, on
the left of Mt. Vernon Rd, is Shelter #1 and the Bait Shop.  Just South of
Cedar Terrace, on the Right Side of Mt. Vernon Rd, is Shelter #2.  To access
Shelters # 3 - 6, 11, and 7, the Interpretive Center,  Nature Trails, and
the Group Shelter, turn left on Factory Shoals Rd. from Mt. Vernon Rd., less
than a quarter mile south of Cedar Terrace Rd. and follow the signs.




"Up You Mighty Race, You Can Accomplish What You Will." 
-Marcus Garvey




We be Spirit People

Long before the Ayitians fought back
the ancients taught that
heroes were not made
spirit could never be slaved
that the Afrikan would rise again
and bring the end of days

To end the ways of the beast amongst us
disarm those who harm the very least amongst us
for as much as they do unto these of us
they do also unto the Most High in us
they trigger quakes where most that die is us
tourists lounging laughing while they who cry is us
missionaries come again and again to spy on us

Long before the Ayitians fought back
the ancients taught that
fiction would be as real as fact
matter of fact?
fact won’t matter
fact won’t matter

Fact would seem to matter on the surface
but under the earth
quake machines would cause faults on purpose
purpose being
to turn Supreme Beings into corpses
same beings
who broke France's back from the backs of horses

With no standing army or marines
they showed France who the real boss is
shook their shackles
dealt the west their first free labor losses
now count the costs
thirty-plus coup d’√©tats
spiteful embargoes
and France extorting
all designed to keep Ayiti from rising

But long before the Ayitians fought back
the ancients taught that

Afrikans could never be poor people
they be my people and your people
never those people always close people
for we people will always be free people
no matter where we be people

The Ancients taught that
Spirit could never be slaved
and we be Spirit people
long before the Ayitians fought back

Move The Village
Move The Village
To Higher Ground
Comes The Storm
Comes The Storm



Mama Marimba Ani

Afrikan Spiritual Warfare

It has been 10 years since we first came together at Florence Jackson Academy for the unveiling of the bust of Nana John Henrik Clarke in 2004. Abakosem Sunsum soon revealed itself as a process much larger than the physical object of homage that had been created and taken to Ghana. In this process we have come to understand that Abakosem Sunsum has a spirit of its own. It directs us, not the reverse. It calls us together to continue the work of Nana John Henrik Clark; Not just to praise him, but to become him. We call on the spirits of the Warrior Ancestors about whom Nana Clarke taught us. It is in this process that the concept of Afrikan Spiritual Warfare has been birthed. You who have been participating in Abakosem Sunsum over these years and those of you who have heard the call and recently joined us, have collectively created this concept. Together we have tapped into the spirit of Afrikan Resistance and the energy expressed in victories of our spiritual warriors: The Nehanda’s, the Nat Turners, the Boukman’s, and more.

The Call is Akoben. Our people are awakening. The People are rising. We cannot betray the sacrifice of our Ayitian Egun (Ancestors). Marcus Mosiah Garvey tells us that “God is a bold Sovereign – A War Lord.” As Boukman tells us, “He (She) calls us to vengeance.” Nana John Henrik Clarke connected us to these warrior voices. At Abakosem Sunsum, we hear them together. They give us the courage to move beyond our fear. For in maafa, the enemy’s antecedents conditioned us to be afraid of victory and of the warrior posture that brings the victory. In maafa we have developed the disease of no wer ahow, the loss of will. The Ayitian Revolution reawakened and helped to further evolve the spirit of Afrikan Spiritual Warfare. Marcus Garvey Amy Jacques Garvey and their supporters revived that spirit again among our people. Abakosem Sunsum is a vehicle through which we strengthen and develop that spirit.

Sovereignty is about Power. Afrikan Sovereignty is about Afrikan Power. Afrikan Power is Spirit. In these 10 years, we have learned that the mission of Abakosem Sunsum is to strengthen the Will (wer) of Afrikan people to be Sovereign. We dramatize this Will (wer) which Garvey showed to us. We feel it. We participate in it. It becomes something tangible that our children can know. It helps to form a Sovereign Consciousness. In Abakosem Sunsum the Will has become Power. It is not only liberation, but the Will-Power to build beyond liberation. In this first decade of Abakosem Sunsum, we have given birth to the Vision of Victory, The Vision of Afrikan Sovereignty. We believe in the future of Afrika as a powerful world nation. We were not “ready for the 21st returned, will lead us in the process of Afrikan spiritual warfare, and they will claim the 2nd of the 21st  century,” when Nana Clarke asked the question, but our children, Warrior Ancestors century as ours!


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