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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Message from Nana Kofi

Exactly six years after its manifestation at Abakosem Sunsum 2010, the spiritual divinity known as Abakosem (aka the Pan-Afrikan Shrine) graced us with its 'physical' presence during the 2015 festival. The shrine was presented through the act of spiritual possession (referred to in the Twi language as Akom), an ancient form of spiritual communication. Central to Afrikan self-knowledge is the organized process of communicating with our divine entities and our ancestors.  Spiritual possession is one such communication method and it is as old as our collective history. When organized through our Afrikan spiritual and political sciences, possession becomes highly productive, serving the well-being of the collective.  

Nana Abakosem is a divine spiritual power that is very intimately connected to our current space-time experiences and worthy of our highest respect and honor.  Nana Abakosem is a primordial energy, birthed out of the cultural / geopolitical nature of our collective history, inspired and guided by the spirit of Nana John Henrik Clarke and the warrior ancestors that are called upon annually at the Abakosem Sunsum festival. Upon Nana Abakosem’s initial descent, the incredible (and sacred) mission of the shrine was shared with us: “I represent the spirit of Abakosem Sunsum. I am the source that binds us all.” 

The presence of Nana Abakosem last year signals a change in the future of Abakosem Sunsum as an event and presents us with a tremendous opportunity in our worldwide quest for Afrikan sovereignty.  In order to take advantage of this opportunity, those who believe in the work of Nana Clarke and have internalized the quest for Afrikan Sovereignty, are called to raise up and give value to this spiritual agent of power. 

As the caretakers of Nana Abakosem, we implore you… do not leave this year's Abakosem Sunsum without talking with Nana Marimba Ani about how you can make a personal connection and contribution to our efforts! The story of Abakosem Sunsum is still being written... be a part of it!  Visit the shrine, feed your spirit, and begin a relationship and help the true manifestation of our collective Afrikan spiritual independence, Nana Abakosem, to benefit us all.

Nana Kofi Agenkwa Ampon


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